About me

Hello! First of all, I'm pleasantly surprised that you would like to know more about me! ;)

So this is me:

  • I was born and raised Canadian and I wouldn't have it any other way! 
  • I'm a Scorpio. Apparently, that means I'm sexy and mysterious!
  • Besides photography, I enjoy arts and crafts, reading, movies, baking and eating!
  • I'm a dreamer and a bit of an idealist.
  • I love sending and receiving snail mail. 
  • I am easily amused.
  • I enjoy the simple things in life. Maybe it's because I'm Asian and too cheap to enjoy the extravagant things in life... ;)
  • I have a sweet tooth! I love chocolate, ice cream, fro-yo, candy and anything else that could give me cavities.
  • I'm small, but I have a big appetite! I'm lucky to have such a speedy metabolism!
  • In case you are wondering, I'm currently using a Nikon D3000 camera with the regular kit lens it came with. Someday I will get a macro lens, but for now, I will work with what I have!
Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read (skim through) this! You make me feel oh, so special! ;)



  1. But Shutterbug.. lenses are -really- expensive D=

  2. "I am easily amused."

    Me too! I am sometimes amazed at what makes me chuckle, or how much time I can spend extracting hilarity from my personally mundane world.

    You *sound* like a perfectly normal person with a sweet blog, which is all the more reason I suspect you are a serial killer.

  3. I saw the new changes and I look very good.
    and image. I have no idea

  4. Omg, I too have a speedy metabolism! I wish I could gain a little weight though. :'(

  5. I want a speedy metabolism.... =[

    You were one of the lucky asians that were blessed with tiny bodies, amirite?? Unfortunately, I am one of your stereotypical short and slightly chubby ones.... :'c

  6. I haven't received snail mail in years. In fact, I'd almost forgotten about it. Wouldn't it be great if people would find the time to write and mail an actual letter?