Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo of the day, #389

Well, hello there! Thanks for visiting me today! Hope you are enjoying your day so far! The weather has been really nice lately, so I apologize for spending more time outside than inside blogging. I just want to sit outside with some ice tea or lemonade and people watch. It's one of my favourite things to do in the summer, especially since there are always a few shirtless guys running around! ;)

Anyway, here's today's thingamajig haiku hint:

I don't understand
why this is so popular
with Americans.

What is this?

Photo #388 Revealed

It was a xylophone.
Did you know the word xylophone came from the Greek words "xylon" for wood and "phone" for sound, thus xylophone means "wooden sound?"

It's a fun little instrument! See for yourself:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photo of the day, #388

Hello, world! Thanks for dropping by! Have I told you lately how much I appreciate your time and your comments? Well, it's true. You are too good to me. I'm not a popular blogger by any means, but I do get a nice, warm fuzzy feeling when people leave me comments. It's nice to know that there are people out there who still like to read blogs from time to time because I think blogging in general has declined in popularity. I guess it's not as cool as it used to be. It's sad to see some of the blogs that I have been following disappear. But I want  you to know, I'm not going to disappear anytime soon.

Anyway, here's today's haiku hint:

even though there is
an "app" or two on your phone
it's just not the same!

What is it?

Photo #387 Revealed

It was a heating coil/range/whatever you want to call it.
I don't know about you, but I use  my stove on a regular basis. I cook as much I can. I hardly ever eat out. Most often than not, I prefer home-cooked meals over fast food. What about you? Do you prefer eating in or dining out?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photo of the day, #387

Well, hey there! I like these sunny days we've been having. People are friendlier and everyone seems to be in a good mood. I wonder if the people living on tropical islands are happier and friendlier than those that live in the Arctic. I think there might even be some research that supports my hypothesis. But, I'm too lazy to look for the information. I don't know about you, but hot weather makes me feel lazy...

I don't even feel like writing a haiku hint. You are on your own today! 

What is that thingamajig?

Photo #386 Revealed

It was a basketball.
Random fact of the day: Did you know that the game of basketball was once played with a soccer ball? The basketballs we use today were introduced in 1929.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Photo of the day, #386

I'm going to keep this nice and short because the weather is just perfect and I want to go out and play! Our summers are way too short, so I want to enjoy the every bit of sunshine we get. It's a perfect day to go for a walk and check out all the cute shirtless guys! ;)

Here's today's haiku hint:

the taller you are,
the better chances you have 
to go to the top

What is it?

Photo #385 Revealed

It was an avocado.

Avocados get a bad rep for being unhealthy for you because of its high fat content, but it's actually good for you! It has more potassium than bananas and it's rich in vitamins B, E and K. Plus, it is a great source of fiber, which keeps you full longer!

Have you ever had an avocado shake? It's so creamy and delicious. Just blend half an avocado with milk and a bit of sweetener (i.e sugar, honey, condensed milk, whatever you like). Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photo of the day, #385

Hi, there! First of all, I have to apologize for not updating sooner. I'm not done with this blog just yet. I can't bear to let this blog go. It's my baby. My goal is to continue this blog as long as there are thingamajigs out there for me to photograph. It's not always easy; I try not to photograph the same thing twice.

Anyways, let's get back to today's hint:

it gets a bad rep
for being so high in fat
but it's good for you!

What is it?

Photo #384 Revealed

It was a dressmaker form. 
This is for those that like to sew clothes. Or you could use it as a decorative piece. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Photo of the day, #384

Hello out there! If anyone else is out there, maybe drop me a comment just to say hello back? Blogging is much more fun when you know you have some readers, don't you think? Anyway, I hope you had a good weekend. Did you remember to take the time to tell your mom how much you care for her? It is a bit of a shame that the only time we seem to appreciate our moms is when there is a "holiday" to remind us that "Oh, yeah! Mothers are important. Let's celebrate them!" But I think it's important to tell your loved ones how much you really care about them as much as you can. You shouldn't have to wait for a holiday or special occasion. Life is too short. Take a few minutes today and tell someone how much you love him/her.

Now, let's get back to today's thingamajig haiku hint:

a handy helper
for when you need some body
to stand by your side

What is it?

Photo #383 Revealed

It was cilantro/coriander.
Cilantro and coriander are both acceptable names for this plant. But if you want to be a smarty pants, you can tell people this: the entire plant and seeds are called coriander while the leaves alone are called cilantro

Even though cilantro is good for you, some people will avoid eating it because they experience an unpleasant "soapy" taste. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photo of the day, #383

Hey there! Hope you are having a super duper day so far! I've been enjoying the summery weather here. With the rain we've been having, the grass is finally green! I was sick of seeing all the brown all around town! (that rhymed!) It's nice when the city is in bloom! Do any of you garden? Or grow plants on your windowsill?

Anyway, here's the haiku hint for today's thingamajig:

fresh is always best
brightens up soups and salads
with a bit of green!

What is it?

It's Matthew Morrison Shirtless!

image from Google
This is Matthew Morrison on the cover of Details magazine. Some of you will recognize him as Will Schuester from the hit television series "Glee." I don't remember my teachers ever being this sexy or good looking. But it's probably a good thing. I would have been too distracted to learn anything from him. ;)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guess who this sexy man is?

It's the weekend and I feel like some eye candy, thingamajig-style. So, it's time for another "Guess who this sexy man is!" 

Here are some hints:

  • He's what they call a "triple threat:" He can sing, dance and act!
  • He's a currently on TV; but has also done movies
  • He's known for his hair and smile
  • He is American
Do you know who he is?

Photo #382 Revealed

It was a vinyl record player.
Remember these? :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photo of the day, #382

It's May! How fast time goes by! It's another cloudy day. I wonder why the sun doesn't want to come out and play? I miss the sunshine. But I can't complain. I'm lucky I don't live in a place where there are a natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, which are fairly common this time of the year. I am thankful that my loved ones and I are safe and don't have to worry about the weather doing damage. Besides, instead of complaining about the lack of sunny days here, I could always move to some place tropical...

Anyway, here's today's thingamajig hint:

a thing of the past
is now popular again
it's strange how that works...

What is it?

Photo #381 Revealed

It was a chinese guardian lion statue.
These guardian lions are usually found in pairs (a male and a female lion) in front of restaurants, hotels and in the entrances of Chinatowns around the world. The photo above depicts a male lion, with his paw resting on a ball while the female has a cub under her paw. These statues are mainly decorative, but can be symbolic. It is a belief that these guardian lions bring good luck, while driving away evil spirits. 

Have you seen these kind of statues where you live?

p.s you have to be more specific than "statue." I'll even take dragon statue as an answer.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photo of the day, #381

Hint: this one is male
Hello out there! Can anyone hear me? I hope I still have one or two fans out there. Blogging is much more fun when you know that there are readers out there that are interested in your work, don't you agree? I appreciate every single blogger who has taken the time to comment on my little blog. Thank you for your words of encouragement! And you know what else is nice? I don't get a lot of spam. It's one of the reasons I don't have that Captcha spam filter thingamajig for comments. Actually, I get quite annoyed when other bloggers use it. Please disable it. Pretty please?

Anyways, here's today's haiku hint:

always in a pair
kind of like Bonnie and Clyde
but not on the run...

What is this?

Photo #380 Revealed

It was an onion ring.
I like to think that since onions are vegetables, onion rings are good for me (in moderation, of course)! They are a good source of fiber and vitamin C! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photo of the day, #380

Well hey there! I don't know what's the weather like in your part of the world, but it's a rainy day here! It's grey and miserable out. I know it's spring and the rain is good for the farmers, but I do miss the sun! I often dream about moving to a sunny tropical island where I can sip fresh coconut water on the beach while I blog. Someday!

Anywho, here's today's haiku hint:

because of its name,

there's only one way
to cut this thingamajig

What is it?

Photo #379 Revealed

It was a daffodil (or narcissus). 
Did you know that daffodils symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings? Perfect for spring! 

P.s you had to be more specific than flower. I've had other flowers on this blog...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo of the day, #379

Well hello there! So nice of you to pop by for a visit. Hope life is treating you well! I like that spring is here, but my body doesn't. I have allergies to all the dust and pollen in the air. It makes me sneeze and wheeze all day long. It's quite irritating that I can't enjoy the nice sunny weather without having to be drugged up. Anyone else have seasonal allergies? How do you handle them?

Here's today's haiku hint:

this thingamajig
is a sign that spring is here!
To new beginnings!

What is it?

It's Alex O'Loughlin shirtless!!

Image from GQ Magazine via Google Images
This sexy man is Alex O'Loughlin, an Australian actor currently starring in the popular TV series "Haiwaii 5-0". He was also in the movie "The Back Up Plan" with Jennifer Lopez. He auditioned for the role of James Bond, but it went to Daniel Craig. Personally, I prefer to Alex over Daniel Craig.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guess who this sexy mystery man is!

Guess who!
Well hey there! It's been ages since I posted something sexy! I like to spice up this blog every now and again! For my new followers, I've been known to post a  cropped photo of a sexy male celebrity and it will be up to you to guess who he is. But don't worry, I will give you some hints!

This mystery man is:

  • he is an actor (he's currently on a primetime TV show)
  • he's also been in movies (he has tried out to play James Bond)
  • he isn't American, but calls California home
  • he had a son when he was 20
  • he's a Virgo
Who do you think this is?

Photo #378 Revealed

It was a cucumber.
For all the confused guys out there who wonder why girls put cucumbers on their eyes, it's because this cool and refreshing vegetable is supposed to reduce dark eye circles and puffy eyes. It's an age old beauty secret!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Photo of the day, #378

Hello, anyone out there? I apologize for not updating regularly. Sometimes, I feel like giving up on this blog because sometimes I don't feel like there is enough interest or readers. But there's still a part of me that doesn't want to let this blog die! There are still so many thingamajigs out there waiting for me to photograph and I don't want to let down my loyal followers. I appreciate your support and encouragement. I will try my best to keep this blog up.

Anyways, here's the haiku hint for this thingamajig.

every woman knows
about this beauty secret
it is just that cool!

What is it?

Nate's Photo Revealed

It was pencil lead.

I hope you all enjoyed my guest post, now back to our resident master of macro.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Special Guest Post Alert: Nate's Photo!

Hint: chemically it's almost identical to diamonds.
Hey there! Today's post is brought to you by Nate, one of my many wonderful followers! And if you want to do a guest post, leave me a comment or contact me.

You may notice (or not) that this picture is a little different than normal; that is because Shutterbug has graciously allowed me to do a guest post! Just in time for spring too :)
See for me spring starts when the weather is nice enough that I can switch my winter tires for the summer ones :P

Now not to break with tradition I tried my hand at writing a haiku! Though if I’m honest I’m not totally sure I did it properly (i-de-as three syaballes… right?) XD

Much comes from this rod
When ideas are supplied
Steady hands help too

So what is it?


PS. Don’t worry you’ll be back to your regularly scheduled Shutterbug photos and hints after this :P

Photo #377 Revealed

It was a raisin. 
Did you know raisins are dried dark grapes while sultanas are dried golden-coloured grapes? In any case, I don't like raisins. I like "Craisins," dried cranberries!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photo of the day, #377

Hint: also comes in a lighter colour
Well, hello there! Hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend. I know Easter isn't about chocolate, but it is a good excuse to get some. I don't know about you, but I am usually tempted to buy chocolates the next day when it goes on sale. My favourite kind are the chocolate eggs with the candy coating on the outside. I'm not a huge fan of the creme-filled ones; they are too sweet. What kind do you like?

Anyways, here's today's thingamajig haiku hint:

is it better when
it has shrunk in size and weight
or when it is fresh?

What is it?

Photo #376 Revealed

It was a stuffed rabbit.
Some of you may recognize this particular stuffed rabbit as "Miffy," a character created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Photo of the day, #376

Whether you are Christian or just like to decorate eggs and eat chocolate, I hope you are all having a great Easter weekend so far. For some, it will be a four day weekend. The extra days off are nice. Sometimes, I think we work way too much and not play enough. Life is too short to not have some fun every now and again. Try not to spend so much time on your digital devices. Disconnect from your virtual reality and connect with your friends and family in real time! 

But of course, I want you to leave a comment on my blog first and then log off. Here's today's haiku hint:

they are everywhere
the cliche of the season
but who cares? they're cute!

What is it?

Photo #375 Revealed

It was a drill. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Photo of the day, #375

hint: a toy for some boys?
Well hello there! So the talk of the town here is that it's snowing! But not just a little bit. It's quite the snowstorm, with 10cm (about 4 inches) of snow here! It's a little bit crazy. It's April. We should be expecting April showers, not snow in the forecast. But in any case, the extra moisture is good for the farmers since we didn't have much precipitation during the winter. And at least it's not that cold out. Maybe I should make a snowman. The snow is wet and sticky enough.

Anyway, here's today's haiku hint:

size doesn't matter
whether it is long or short, 
it's acceptable!

What do you think it is?

Photo #374 Revealed

It was an exercise ball.
Random exercise tip of the day: Replace your chair with one of these and it will improve your core (abdominal) muscles and posture!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photo of the day, #374

Hint: it comes in a few different sizes

Well, hello there! It's so nice of you to drop by for a visit. Did you enjoy the guest post? It was my first time doing something like that and I hope it won't be the last.  It spices things up and adds an element of surprise. I don't like to be too predictable. It's more fun to be a little mysterious and quirky, right? A huge shoutout to D4, for taking the time to send in his photos and haiku. He did an awesome job! 

Anyway, I'm back with my own photos and haiku hints:

weighs next to nothing
yet can support most bodies
including you, too!

What is it?

P.s if you are interested in doing a guest post, contact me. :)

D4's photo Revealed

It was a stool.
If you guessed wrong, go back to the previous photo and see if you can see the stool now. 

P.s I will also accept "weird chair" as an answer! ;)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Special Guest Post Alert!! D4's photo of the day!

hint: look closely and you just might see it
Hello there! It's April Fool's Day, but this is not a joke. I mentioned the other day that I think it would be fun to have some guest bloggers on this blog to spice things up! This is a special guest post by one of my very loyal readers. He's been following my blog almost daily for the past year! He is one dedicated and passionate blogger. He is the one and only D4! He has the coolest music blog! I'm always impressed by his knowledge of music! If you are ever looking for some new music to groove to, check out his blog! He features all kinds of artists, from electronic music to reggae- there's something for everyone! 

Anyway, here's the haiku hint D4 wrote for this thingamajig:

I don't have a back
But I do have enough legs
A toddler's space ship

What do you think this is?

p.s if you would like to do a guest post, please email me. See the "contact me" page at the top.

Have a great day! :)


Photo #373 Revealed

It was a snow shovel.
Today is April's Fool day and Mother Nature decided to play a cruel joke on us. It's snowing, windy and cold out! It was just yesterday when it was warm and sunny. I guess the joke is on us!  I guess I can't put away that shovel just yet...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photo of the day, #373

Well howdy, partner! Hope you are having a lovely day so far! Is it the end of the month already? Is it me or does time seem to fly by? I still have to update last month's top scores. I apologize for being such procrastinator. I'm always doing things last minute... It's not a good habit. This is something that I definitely need to work on. I should start scheduling my day to get more work done.

Anyway, here's the haiku hint of the day:

now that it is Spring,
storage is where it belongs
may it rest in peace

What is it?

Photo #372 Revealed

It was a lock on a door.
Have you ever been locked out of your home before? It happened to me a few times. It's like days like that I wish I had hidden a key somewhere outside...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Photo of the day, #372

First of all, I just want to apologize for not updating sooner. Don't worry. I haven't given up on this blog. I just have been busy. I don't know how some of you do it-blogging daily and still have a life! Blogging isn't easy. It requires time, effort and most importantly, motivation. Perhaps, I could consider having people do guest posts every now and again. It would give me a bit of a break. What do you think of the idea? If you are interested in doing a guest post, please email me at thingamajigblog at 

Anyways, I appreciate everyone who has ever visited my blog and I hope that you will continue to support me in the future. 

Here's today haiku hint of the day:

it should be replaced
if it has been tampered with
safety always comes first!

What is it?

And because it's 'Two-sday,' this photo is worth 2 points

Photo #371 Revealed

It was ham.
Although it comes from the same animal, ham isn't as good as bacon! I'm not sure there is anything quite like bacon...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photo of the day, #371

Hint: it's not bacon
Well, hello there! It's so nice of you to drop by. I'm very happy that spring is finally here! I'm looking forward to spending more time outside in the sunshine. As warm as our winter here has been, I don't exactly like playing in the snow. I'm am one of those nerdy wimps. I don't like going out as much when it's cold and miserable out. I don't like to ski, skate or snowboard. I would rather drink hot chocolate and read a book by a hot fireplace. I know, I'm such a geek.

Anyway, here's the haiku hint for the day:

It looks like bacon-
that pink, fatty piece of meat
but it's not crispy!

What is this?

p.s bacon looks like this!

Photo #370 Revealed

It was a recorder.
I was first introduced to this instrument decades ago when I was just a wee little girl. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think everyone in the Canadian school system is taught to play the recorder. 

 And if you are somehow from some foreign country and don't know what a recorder sounds like, check out this video of someone playing the "Forrest Gump" theme...

P.s I highly recommend you go see "Forrest Gump" if for some reason you haven't seen it! It's so good, it's been awarded 6 Oscars! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Photo of the day, #370

Hint: it was especially popular during the medieval times
Well, hello, Monday!! The weekend sure went by fast! Where does all the time go? How many are still hungover from all the St. Paddy's day drinking?? Not me. I don't drink. I'm more of a green tea than a "green beer" drinker. I don't need a drink to have a good time. I'm quite entertaining as is! But enough about me. 

Here's the haiku hint for today's thingamajig:

it's part of my past
something I was taught in school
and what about you?

What is it?

Photo #369 Revealed

It was edamame.
Edamame is the immature soybean. If you have ever had this with your Japanese meal, you would know that inside those hairy green inedible shells are sweet delicious beans. Once I start, I can't seem to stop. They are addictive. Good thing they are healthy for me! It's high in protein and fiber. Try some today. You can get them in the frozen section of your local Asian grocery store.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Photo of the day, #369

Hint: it's not clover
Hi there! Happy St. Patrick's Day to all the Irish and Irish-for-a-day out there! Hope you are having a lot of fun. I don't really celebrate St. Patrick's Day. If anything, I just wear green. I don't even go around pinching people that don't wear green. It's fun, but it's not the same when you're not a kid any more. To me, it's just another holiday that gives people an excuse to go out and drink. I don't really drink, so it's just another day for me. What about you? Do you like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Here's a hint for today's thingamajig:

it's hairy and green
like the Grinch who stole Christmas
but you can eat it!

What is it?

Photo #368 Revealed

It was a remote control.
And the movie I was thinking of was indeed "Click" with Adam Sandler. If you haven't seen it, don't worry about it. It was fairly enjoyable, but quite predictable. Check out the trailer if you are curious about this movie about a remote control.