Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Photo of the day, #155

Hint: This is the inside of the thingamajig
Hey there! Thanks for popping by. You are too kind! Today's yet another rainy day. Anyone else experiencing a rainy summer? I sure miss the sun. But on a bright note, I went to a concert last night and had a fantastic time! It was the NKOTBSB tour. The music and their dance moves were cheesy, as expected, but I loved every minute of it! Anyways, back to the thingamajig of the day. This is something that is quite popular in the summer, mainly because you can only buy them during the summer months. They come in many different varieties, but they are usually all around the same size. What is it?


  1. Yeah, we're currently going under a tropical depression here. WOO!

    And I'm glad you enjoyed your cheesy concert :) I went to one recently, I would've posted about it but it was so boring that I drank lots and blacked out. WOO!


    Cough. Is it a fig?

  2. All of them are blue.
    And one is black.
    *can't breathe*

  3. havent a clue, i'm going to be dumb and say stawberry

  4. Watermelon? I think it is, and it sure would go great with the sun that you are lacking... It just isn't the same with rain, you know?