Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo of the day, #157

Hint: it's edible
It's Friday! Did anyone else find that the week just flew by? Today's thingamajig is something that is good with noodles and salads. It is good both raw and cooked. But you should eat them right away after buying them, as they are quick to perish. If you are Asian, this should be an easy one. What is it?

And as you all should know by now, I have decided to award the top scorer of July with a prize. But I'm not sure what it should be, so I've added a poll. Please vote. If you don't like my choices, let me know what you would like to win instead.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday! 


  1. Edible?
    I'm guessing that it's some peeled skin. Skin of what? Dunno.

  2. hmmmm, they look like bean sprouts.

    and for the prize, it should be a gabillion money! :D

  3. All I can think of is noodles.. But if it tastes good with noodles, it can't be. I'm completely stumped! o_o

  4. this week did fly by fast for me :) summer fun!

    sushi ?

  5. Looks like some sprouts to me...