Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo of the day, #389

Well, hello there! Thanks for visiting me today! Hope you are enjoying your day so far! The weather has been really nice lately, so I apologize for spending more time outside than inside blogging. I just want to sit outside with some ice tea or lemonade and people watch. It's one of my favourite things to do in the summer, especially since there are always a few shirtless guys running around! ;)

Anyway, here's today's thingamajig haiku hint:

I don't understand
why this is so popular
with Americans.

What is this?


  1. its a football!

    Have fun watching shirtless guys!

  2. Sadly it's not really a photo of the day anymore. ):
    I've got a new digital camera though, so I should probably contribute a few thingemajigs now! :D

    Also, basketball right? Easy one.

  3. A football!

    Or as the annoyed Europeans might say, a handegg.

  4. It's a football.
    Enjoy the weather while it lasts! :)

  5. Football!

    Futball is the european way of referring to football with your feet &_&

  6. This is an American Football ball.

  7. Most Americans call it "A Man's game."

  8. Haiku response by Cindy at
    EverydayUnderwear dot com:

    That is a football
    And I'm an American
    I am not a fan

  9. *sniff* you've put this out to pasture haven't you :(

    COME BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE (◕︵◕)


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