Saturday, October 1, 2011

Guess who this sexy mystery man is!

mystery man
Happy October! To celebrate the first day of the month, here is some eye candy for all you ladies (and some of you guys) out there!

For 2 bonus points, correctly guess who this sexy man is! He will be revealed in tomorrow's edition of "Shirtless Sunday." 


  • His birthday is in October
  • He's a triple threat: singer, dancer, and actor.
  • He's been on small screen (TV) and big screen (movies)
  • He enjoys playing sports
  • He is the youngest shirtless man I have featured so far
Who is he?


  1. Bahahaha it's hard to believe... that I couldn't seee-eeee... that this pic is of Zac Efron! XD

  2. Shutterbug it took me a while but I think I know this mystery hottie!

    Is it Zac Efron!? :)

  3. His pecs look like Batman's outfit. Impressive.