Saturday, October 8, 2011

Photo of the day, #245

Hint: two is better than one
Hello there! Hope you are having an awesome weekend so far. For my fellow Canadians, happy thanksgiving! As much as I enjoy holidays, I think that thanksgiving shouldn't be the only time we give thanks. We should do it regularly! A little gratitude goes a long way. So if I don't say this enough, thank you (yeah, you!) to all of my loyal supporters! You are too kind! I appreciate your words of encouragement and the support you have given me all of this time! I would also like to give thanks to Blogger, for being a wonderful host! 

Anyways, today's thingamajig could be made of metal or plastic. Both work the same, but I prefer the metal ones. They also come in different styles and sizes. Males tend to use ones that are larger. I guess they like to show off or something. But just so you know, bigger isn't necessarily better! I think using this at least once a week is a good idea. What is this?


  1. one of those plastic covered exercise weights

  2. Is it a dumbell? Or whatever they're called that you use to work out... hehe

    Also, thanks again for the great advice. I put my contact email in my sidebar now beneath all my Facebook and Twitter links and stuff.

    I feel like you're helping me build my blog, I owe you so much lol <333

  3. Free weights... the one in this picture here has a plastic casing, I'd assume.

  4. I think that's a handle. Paint brush?

  5. Looks like my water bong. :P

  6. I'm not Canadian, but happy Thanksgiving to you! And that photo...I have no idea! My first initial guess was a hairdryer...