Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photo #381 Revealed

It was a chinese guardian lion statue.
These guardian lions are usually found in pairs (a male and a female lion) in front of restaurants, hotels and in the entrances of Chinatowns around the world. The photo above depicts a male lion, with his paw resting on a ball while the female has a cub under her paw. These statues are mainly decorative, but can be symbolic. It is a belief that these guardian lions bring good luck, while driving away evil spirits. 

Have you seen these kind of statues where you live?

p.s you have to be more specific than "statue." I'll even take dragon statue as an answer.


  1. Well no, I haven't seen these around here, but I wish I could. My eyes would wander all around it in person, it looks amazing!

  2. That means my answer counted, right? Yay!

  3. i learned something new today...

  4. Ahhh I should have got this one lol
    It hit me as soon as I saw the enlarged version >.<