Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photo of the day, #381

Hint: this one is male
Hello out there! Can anyone hear me? I hope I still have one or two fans out there. Blogging is much more fun when you know that there are readers out there that are interested in your work, don't you agree? I appreciate every single blogger who has taken the time to comment on my little blog. Thank you for your words of encouragement! And you know what else is nice? I don't get a lot of spam. It's one of the reasons I don't have that Captcha spam filter thingamajig for comments. Actually, I get quite annoyed when other bloggers use it. Please disable it. Pretty please?

Anyways, here's today's haiku hint:

always in a pair
kind of like Bonnie and Clyde
but not on the run...

What is this?


  1. Well, it's definitely the mouth of a statue, either a lion or a dragon...

  2. I hear you on the comment thing, but it sure is hard to find time sometimes!

    Not sure what this is!

  3. Hey I'm still here :)
    Um is it a guardian lion?

  4. ... Hints.. I'm just gonna ignore them. I have no clue otherwise. I'm gonna go with statue of a dragon. Or stone. Stone dragon.

    Captcha sucks.

    D= Advertise this beautiful game of a blog!

  5. i'm going to say statues on either side of the driveway!

    ha ha ha


  6. Wow! Was a long way off with the onion ring! As I will be with this one, too - hehe! A statue of Anthony (as in Anthony and Cleopatra!)

  7. Oh, is it one of those canine/dragon Asian statues?

  8. Hi there
    Just found your blog .
    Follow each other ;).

  9. Looks like one of those statues that you get on old buildings. I remember it was in that Disney movie Hunchback of Notre Dame.... gargoyle? lolidk XD

  10. I don't have any idea what is this but I am pretty sure it is Statue! :D