Saturday, December 3, 2011

For bonus points, guess who this is.

sexy mystery man
Remember how I said that there are some sexy bald men out there? He is one of them!

He is a talented rapper, successful businessman and actor.  He has appeared in numerous movies and is currently on one of primetime tv's hottest show. And like most celebrities these days, he has launched a clothing line. Sorry ladies. He's married and has 4 children.

Who is this hottie?

He will be revealed in tomorrow's edition of "Sexy Shirtless Sundays."


  1. Okay. I think I got this one..

    Mr sexy hot body himself, LL Cool Jay. :D
    Also known as James Todd Smith.

    Shutterbug you have a nice taste in sexy men! Hehehe. :D

  2. The "Ladies Love Cool James".