Sunday, December 4, 2011

Photo of the day, #307

hint: it could be kept indoors or outdoors
Hey there! Hope you are having a fun filled weekend so far! I was at a holiday party yesterday and I think I got food poisoning. And no, I wasn't drinking.  I'm not sure what it is about me. No one else around me had any issues. I guess I have a weak stomach or something. I'm still recovering today, and I will be drinking lots of water to keep me hydrated. 

Anyway, here's today's hint:

not much to do here
just sitting in my corner
won't you talk to me?

Who am I?


  1. Looks like a pot maybe?

    Also, get yourself papaya enzymes! They won't do any harm since it's just papaya leaf, but they're real good for stomach issues. They come in little chewable tablets.

  2. Awww. Poor Shutterbug. So much wrong is happening to you this month. Make sure to drink lots of fluids, take care okay? <3

    Well, the thingamajig looks like some kind of vase from the side angle.. It also could be an ash tray.. So I have no idea.

  3. Looks like a ceramic vase or pot for plants.

  4. Some decorative thing that's easily breakable~

  5. maze game that the ball travels around in?

  6. it's a flower pot.
    get well soon!