Thursday, December 1, 2011

Photo of the day, #305

Hint: made of plastic
Hello, December! I welcome you with opening arms. December is a time of celebration, but also a time for supporting those in need of a little extra love. You may have noticed people wearing a red ribbon today. Today is World AIDS Day. Each year on December 1st, people around the world unite to fight HIV and to show their support for people living with HIV. Take this time to educate yourself about how HIV is transmitted and how you can take measures to protect you and your partner. 

Anyway, back to today's thingamajig:

waiting patiently 
for someone to pick me up
holding me real close

Who am I?


  1. telephone cord. I remember those!

  2. The twisty-cord from an old phone that attaches the handset to the base...

  3. Phone chord.

    I didn't know it was AIDS day, nobody does the ribbon thing here! I wanna!

  4. Oh wow, I never knew that..
    Such an interactive and educational blog, Miss Shutterbug! Heheh.

    And is that thingamajig a clamp?
    More specifically a hair clamp?
    I think they're also called claw hair clips or something. :)

  5. No idea! Will you tell us in your next post ;)

  6. Made of plastic, but the insides are not! What we're seeing here is a somewhat old-fashioned phone-wire, so I guess what you're looking for is a phone.

  7. A telephone wire.

  8. looks like an old school phone cord=)

  9. phone cord! woo, what's my prize? ;)

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