Sunday, April 8, 2012

Photo of the day, #376

Whether you are Christian or just like to decorate eggs and eat chocolate, I hope you are all having a great Easter weekend so far. For some, it will be a four day weekend. The extra days off are nice. Sometimes, I think we work way too much and not play enough. Life is too short to not have some fun every now and again. Try not to spend so much time on your digital devices. Disconnect from your virtual reality and connect with your friends and family in real time! 

But of course, I want you to leave a comment on my blog first and then log off. Here's today's haiku hint:

they are everywhere
the cliche of the season
but who cares? they're cute!

What is it?


  1. are those some bunny ears?? go enjoy some chocolate!!

  2. Bunny rabbits!!

    Hope you have a great Easter weekend as well Shutterbug. :)

  3. Bunny ears? And it was a nice weekend, have a nice one yourself!

  4. Soft soft bunny! Or bunny plush!

  5. Um a stuffed Easter bunny??

  6. It's uhmmm some sort of rabbit fur?

  7. Shutterbug!! Thanks for the comment!! I've not been making my blog rounds recently and am having fun on Spring Break with a bit of extra time.
    My son is here and says that this is a picture of our cat's tail!! I know it isn't... but our poor kitty was looking a bit hagard in her last days.
    Nice to see you!!

  8. First-time visitor - what a great idea for a blog!!
    Am guessing Easter Bunnies :)

  9. Those are rabbit's ears! A stuffed rabbit?

  10. I love dying Easter eggs. My mom even hid eggs for me and my fiance to find -- We really get into the holiday around here.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88