Friday, April 13, 2012

Special Guest Post Alert: Nate's Photo!

Hint: chemically it's almost identical to diamonds.
Hey there! Today's post is brought to you by Nate, one of my many wonderful followers! And if you want to do a guest post, leave me a comment or contact me.

You may notice (or not) that this picture is a little different than normal; that is because Shutterbug has graciously allowed me to do a guest post! Just in time for spring too :)
See for me spring starts when the weather is nice enough that I can switch my winter tires for the summer ones :P

Now not to break with tradition I tried my hand at writing a haiku! Though if I’m honest I’m not totally sure I did it properly (i-de-as three syaballes… right?) XD

Much comes from this rod
When ideas are supplied
Steady hands help too

So what is it?


PS. Don’t worry you’ll be back to your regularly scheduled Shutterbug photos and hints after this :P


  1. Way, toughie.. the inside of a pencil? Like pigment?

  2. Steel? I can't think of anything else.

  3. The things you put in the mechanical pencils. I don't now how you call it in english, but it's all carbon.

  4. Yay another guest post!

    So, google says Graphite Rods! XD Lets see if google is right!

    Good job on the :D guest post, Nate! Can't wait to see who posts next! :D


    For teh pencilzzzz.

    Or carbon, if that's what you mean.

  6. Great photo!! Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate it!! Is this Graphite(lead)?? Just a guess really.Hope you have a sweet weekend! x

  7. Oh man, I have no idea about this one. I would guess and say something to do with fishing lol, but I think it would be really stupid if I was wrong XD

  8. Nice blog girl! Hope to check out my blog and follow me if you like it! :D
    Have a nice day and keep inspire us! <3


  9. Such a beautiful photo (I have no idea what it is though.,)! Thank you so much for your support as always :) xo akiko

  10. I feel like once I hear the answer it's going to be so obvious haha but right now I don't have a clue!

  11. is that graphite? Lovely shot!