Sunday, April 1, 2012

Special Guest Post Alert!! D4's photo of the day!

hint: look closely and you just might see it
Hello there! It's April Fool's Day, but this is not a joke. I mentioned the other day that I think it would be fun to have some guest bloggers on this blog to spice things up! This is a special guest post by one of my very loyal readers. He's been following my blog almost daily for the past year! He is one dedicated and passionate blogger. He is the one and only D4! He has the coolest music blog! I'm always impressed by his knowledge of music! If you are ever looking for some new music to groove to, check out his blog! He features all kinds of artists, from electronic music to reggae- there's something for everyone! 

Anyway, here's the haiku hint D4 wrote for this thingamajig:

I don't have a back
But I do have enough legs
A toddler's space ship

What do you think this is?

p.s if you would like to do a guest post, please email me. See the "contact me" page at the top.

Have a great day! :)



  1. Maybe I should do a guest post here, too. Seems fun! (Though I will probably have to backtrack to make sure I don't do something you've already had.)

    It's sort of a table or something? Or some functional objects? Kids use it to play space-ship-battles, obviously, but there's so many things that can do that...

  2. a swing?
    ...great idea btw

  3. >_< WTH is this?!?! I have been staring at for minutes and I have no clue. -_- D4 why do you have to make things so difficult?

    Kaleidoscope patterns or something? x.x

  4. My only space ship as a toddler was my bed, but I don't really connect it with other clues...

  5. I'm terrible at these mosaic things. Looks like a spit roasted pig to me.

  6. It looks like some wierd chair to me.

  7. Ykes this is a new disguise... This one took me longer than I care to admit and I'm still not sure I'm right.

    But I think it's a stool...

  8. I have no idea!! It's past midnight and I am sleepy :D

  9. That is freaking awesome. I'm really glad I took the time out to read this amazing post. Keep up the good work man. Thanks for the insight!

  10. Oh man, reading these answers is classic. I can't wipe the smile off my face.

    Also, I want to nominate SportsGuyBrandon for the WPoSB Award. I'll wait to see more of his comments.