Saturday, August 27, 2011

For bonus points, guess who this is!

For all you ladies and some of you guys that missed this feature of my blog, today's your lucky day! Here's a bit of eye candy for you (and me!)!

And because I didn't post yesterday, I will reward you 3 bonus points for the correct answer! 


  • he's an entertainer
  • he's been on TV commercials and movies
  • he's a part owner of a NBA team
  • he is a daddy
So who is this sexy mystery man?

He will be revealed in tomorrow edition of "Shirtless Sunday."


  1. I feel really gay, but that's Usher. He once said ladies go wild for the hips, and he's blessed with those high ones that make a crease to the bottom like that. Have never forgotten my lack of amazing hips.

  2. For the abs I'd say it's me. :P

  3. Lol @ Pesos. I think it's Usher?

  4. googling info now...


    ... it usher?