Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Photo of the day, #176

Hint: It's not wood shavings
Hey you! Is it Wednesday already? I guess yesterday's photo was extremely difficult. Not one of you got it right. Some interesting guesses, though. Since I don't want to scare away my followers so soon, today's thingamajig will be an easy one! This is a very popular and comes in many flavours. And it's good with bacon! What is it?

And if you are wondering who the top scorer is, keep wondering! I haven't updated the scores yet. I will keep you posted! :D


  1. "keep wondering!" Meanie.

    I think today's are chips. Crisps. What have you. They seem like sweet potato chips, but that's just my mind guessing and being hungry.

  2. (potato) chips. It also comes in bacon flavor!