Monday, August 15, 2011

Photo of the day #188

Hint: It also comes in other colours
Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fun filled weekend. Did you do anything worth mentioning? I was cleaning out my garage and I found a really nice old school film camera! When I get some batteries and film and I'm going to play with my new toy! I know it's not new, but it's new to me! Anyways, today's thingamajig is still very popular even after 30 years since its invention. It appeals to both adults and kids. This has also been featured in the Guinness Book of Records. What is it?


  1. A bit more than 30 years, to be precise.
    It is, of course, a rubiks cube. A true genius like myself, who can solve such a toy in minutes, has no trouble recognizing the way the squares in the image are placed on top of each other.
    Come on, Shutter, provide me with a real challenge next time.

    /glittery rainbow sparkles everywhere

  2. Eh, I can't complain about my weekend but there wasn't anything amazing worth mentioning, no.

    Also, that's a rubiks cube isn't it? Of course you'd show the green side >.>

  3. Rubik's cube!
    I have a tiny 3x3 keychain, but I've always wanted to try the weird ones... dodecahedral-shaped and some-such. =)

  4. That has gotta be a Rubiks Cube or however you spell it.

    (Rubiks? Rubix? mehidk)

  5. A Rubik's Cube. I always sucked at those.