Monday, August 1, 2011

Photo of the day, #174

Hint: It's not something you can find inside a house
Happy August, everyone! Today's a holiday for me! It's a civic holiday for most Canadians. Is it a holiday for you? Today's thingamajig is found in most cities and towns, especially common in European cities.  It is traditionally made of wood, but concrete is widely used. Actually, I have seen an episode of "How it's Made" on the Discovery Channel where they made this using recycled plastics.  What is it?

Also, I will be tallying up the scores for the month of July and will announce the winner in an upcoming post. I will keep you posted! 

If you are one of the newer followers of this blog, just so you know, the scores are not accumulative from month to month. Everyone has an equal chance of being the top scorer for August. 

Good luck and have fun! :)


  1. electricity for the train thing :p

  2. No, not a holiday here. Hiss.

    I was gonna say rusty lamp, but hints are more like uh.. railroad tracks..? Way to make it hard on the first day O_O

  3. I'd say railroad, but the description doesn't fit...
    Meh, giving it a shot anyway. A piece of railroad.

  4. The underside of some part of a car? These are hard haha.

  5. It looks like the 5th eye of Cthulhu, as he rises from the deep to enslave mankind.

    Seriously, no idea. And I'm usually got at this...

  6. that door holding thing! i don't know the name =/

  7. oh god I havent the slightest clue on this one... curse my americaness...

  8. First it looked like a boat...
    then a bridge...
    but then...

    Railway tracks! =D

  9. it looks like a railroad track bolt or something similar.

  10. The hell if I know... how about a bench?