Sunday, August 14, 2011

Photo of the day, #187

Hint: you don't need a hint
Hey there! Hope you are having a sunny Sunday! Today's thingamajig is way too easy so I'm not giving any hints. So what is it?

For those of you that enjoy a good challenge, don't worry. I will be posting much more difficult ones this coming week!  


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  2. Uhm. It's either one of those marshmallow peeps, but with a white stripe painted across it in order to mislead us into thinking it's a tennis ball, OR, it's a tennis ball. I'll go with tennis ball, but just in case it's actually NOT a tennis ball, I did say marshmallow peep. Just make sure to consider tennis ball as my main submission. Or only one, that's fine.

  3. It's a tennis ball. I've never actually played tennis with one only street hockey.

  4. Tennis ball!

    LOL I first read the hint as:
    "Hint: you don't need a shirt."

    I was understandably confused, and figured that at least guys might not need shirts to play tennis, but thought the hint didn't really work and maybe I was missing something... *facepalm*

  5. ha, this is too easy. it's obviously a limestone path cutting through a field of sunflowers as seen from the ISS. ;)

    seriously though, it's a tennis ball (i think).

  6. More difficult ones?! I only get half of the ones you post! This ain't gonna be my week is it!

    And my guess for this: Yellow tennis ball!

  7. i haven't seen the reveal (but this doesn't count since I was late). i'm guessing a tennis ball