Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Photo #196 Revealed

It was deodorant. 
Did you know sweating is good for your health? You may not smell all that great, but it will get rid of your toxins in your body and make you feel a whole lot better! It also cleans the pores on your skin to reduce acne. So maybe skip the deodorant once in awhile.


  1. ACTUALLY, you do sweat with deodorant, we just seem to call anti-prespirant deodorant now. I tried going for a more expensive all natural deodorant once and it's fine and all, but too expensive even though it has no zinc. I opt for the Thai Rock now, it's safe, I get to sweat and don't smell like yucky sweaty man after exercising :D

  2. why did i not know this? :(

  3. but sweat can push the oil from you face down to your neck and shoulders giving you backne. thats my major issue. My face is super clean and smooth but I get these zits on my shoulders that look like Mt.Fuji, its crazy.