Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photo of the day, #333

hint: this is a "baby" variety
Hi there! Hope you all had a good weekend. It's finally starting to feel like winter over here. Today is snowy, cold and windy! I knew those warm spring-like days we've been getting wouldn't last! But on the bright side, the cold weather is definitely a good excuse to have some hot chocolate today. But then again, I don't really need an excuse. If I want hot chocolate, I'll have some! ;)

Since I missed a post yesterday and today is "Two-sday," I will be posting 2 photos today! Yay, double the photos, double the fun! And if you haven't already done so, be sure to vote on the "Two-sday" poll. The poll is very close! 

Here's the hint for the first thingamajig:

pan fried with bacon
and some garlic and ginger
it's one easy dish! 

What is it?


  1. Sometimes I just know I'm gonna be wrong. Cabbage?

  2. ..o_o Is it me or are these thingamajigs getting harder?
    I can't even make a guess, omg. XD

    And wow, shutterbug you are right. O.O!! The poll battle is close!!! Haha, I get you. *_* I love me a nice cup of hot chocolate with dinner.

  3. bok choy - but I know it's not. It's my guess though.

  4. I've never had it with bacon bout I'm gonna guess bok choy?

  5. it looks like some kind of lettuce variety...

  6. Again with the bacon D:

    The bottom part makes it look like a balloon... Uhm...
    A veggie, sure, but which one?