Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo of the day, #337

Hint: not just for the ladies
Well, hey there! So nice of you to drop by. Hope you are having a good day so far. Today is the only warm-ish day until it starts getting frigid cold! I am so not looking forward to the dark, cold winter days ahead! I think I should seriously consider moving to some tropical island...I can get used to the sun and all the shirtless guys! ;)

Anyway, here's today's hint:

it's soft, it's cozy!
comes in assorted colours
not just white and pink

What is it?


  1. It's warm here in LA!

    I think this is a pic of a wool sock, or something similar.

  2. Lol, I don't know if you'd survive xD on an island Shutterbug. Its always warm, and not a normal warm. Hot!

    Have no idea for this thingamajig. o.o Is it a sweater perhaps?

  3. is it like those comforters that.. I know the Spanish word for it and not the English. Big warm blanket with little balls of cloth or something that you can pull off, like I used to when I was little.

    ALSO YES tropical islands are where it's at :D

  4. Hahahahaha you're funny! Well living in a tropical island is not so good, I hate sweating -____-


  5. Hmm, I have to guess with gloves/mittens or a scarf!