Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo of the day, #344

hint: think 'CNY'
It's Friday! this week sure flew by. Actually, January went by pretty fast. Can you believe it's almost February in few days? Where does the time go? It doesn't seem that long ago since I've started this blog, but it's almost been a year! I'm kinda proud of myself for being able to make it this far. And I've managed to post almost daily. I hope you forgive me for missing days here and there...

Anyway, here's the haiku hint for today's thingamajig:

if you do get one,
consider yourself lucky!
just like little me!

What is it?


  1. Well, that there's a hong bao.

  2. Issss it a red envelope..? I'm.. not sure. I don't know much about CNY <.<

  3. Money? A bank, credit, or gift card? A present? A card?

  4. Something Chinese New Year...but what??

  5. No doubt that is a Lucky Money envelope.

  6. i see hsbc at the top there....
    Is it a gift card / credit card

  7. Looks like a Red Pocket to me. :P

  8. Awww, as long as you never stop posting! I would gladly wait :) !

    *Attempts to think Chinese New Year*

    Is the thingamajig referred to as Lucky Money? :D