Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photo of the day, #343

Hint: it's not a sweater
Well hey there! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was having a bad day. I was feeling grumpy like Grumpy Bear from Care Bears. Remember the Care Bears? It was one of my favourite shows back in the day. If you don't know who the Care Bears are, you are missing out! It was one of the best cartoons from the 1980s. These bears taught me about caring, sharing and more! LOL! But enough with  the blast from the past...

Here's the haiku hint for today's thingamajig:

it's a common slang
for the used and the abused
(have I said too much?)

What is this thingamajig?


  1. A carpet or rug? (Thinks: nooo, that doesn't make sense...)

    A doormat?

  2. with all these hints I still can't get it!

    I remember the Care Bears!

  3. But.. It's not a whip..No you definitely didn't say too much. Okay. I'm going with no answer. I feel silly.

  4. Looks like a hippie cat. LOL

  5. care bears i remember that tv show, i have no idea what todays thingamajig is tho hah

  6. Awww. Hope you feel better Shutterbug. I too have not been having good days. I blame the educational system. Lol

    I think the thingamajig is a hammock but I am not too sure!

  7. I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday! At least, today, you have a clean slate.

    Hm.... I don't know what the thingamajig is today ... I'm thinking though.


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


    [your everyday girl,
    writing about guys]

  8. A rug? in you lie like a rug?

  9. Doormat!

    I hope you're having a better day! :)

  10. I have no idea what the picture is (my guesses would be yarn or funny colored noodles). However, I think it's absolutely brilliant that your hint is a haiku!