Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo of the day, #345

Hint: a cure for boredom?
Hello!? Anyone out there? I'm don't know if I'm having a manic Monday or what, but I'm having some second thoughts about this blog. I wonder if I should continue this blog. I remember when I first started this blog, I was excited about the possibilities of "making it big" or at least getting a lot of visitors. I thought that my blog was fun, unique and there isn't anything quite like it. I thought my blog would even go viral! I'm a bit of a dreamer. Originally, I decided to post daily because it would generate more hits and return visits. But it hasn't been the case. I'm only at 326 followers and my view count is nothing to brag about. It's kinda sad because many blogs get that many followers and views within a few months..

I do enjoy blogging, but I guess I don't have the same passion/excitement as I once did. Do any of you long time bloggers feel the same way? That being said, to my die-hard loyal followers (you know who you are!),  I'm not disappearing from cyberspace just yet. You are the reason I am still blogging today! Please continue to visit me.  I will continue with this blog for now. There are tons of thingamajigs that I have yet to photograph. 

Anyway, enough whining and complaining from me. Here's today's hint:

could be fun for one
or two, three, four, five or more!
why not play today?

What is it?


  1. It would be a shame if you have a great concept and its always fun guessing

    ...and i;ve no idea on todays lol

  2. A pack of cards?

    And it's okay to feel that way! I'm sure many of us bloggers started off with visions of fame and endless pageviews. ;) (I know I did.) But I end up blaming myself for failing to post new entries for so long...

    I think you're underestimating just how well you're doing. Your blog IS totally unique AND really cool. I love it because there's new, bite-sized content every day. Just the simple fact that you receive around 20 comment-guesses on each picture shows that you have at LEAST that many active readers a day... heck, I would LOVE to get 20 unique pageviews daily.

    Going "viral" instead of getting steady, significant growth is more due to luck of circumstances than anything.

    So, you want people to spread the word about this blog? Well, you've got incentives and prizes going already... I might suggest using RaffleCopter to set up a "SUPER-photo guessing game" with a slightly bigger prize. You could have a couple different photos and people had to guess all of them correctly to enter, and could tweet about the contest, like the blog on facebook, etc., to earn more chances to win. You could make it last a week and publicize it in every daily post!

    At least, that's what I would do. ;)

  3. It looks like a paper fan, but those aren't exactly fun...

    I get tired every now and then, and I'm making no money from my blog. It's a time drainer, but I'm addicted. I can't stop.

  4. ;_; SHUTTERBUG NU!!!!!
    I love your blog, its my favourite and I think coolest idea for a blog, ever! Nonetheless, I understand if you aren't as excited about it anymore, I am a bit of a dreamer myself. <3

    Thingamajig looks like a deck of cards. :)

  5. Playing cards, man!
    I carry a deck with me everywhere I go.

    Well your blog IS unique, I haven't seen any other blog quite like it, so you are a success in that category.
    As for followers and views, hell, I'm not even in the triple digits yet.
    As far as whether you should continue or not, I can't advise you. If you're feeling tired and/or lack motivation, you could always take a break. I have to warn you though, sometimes it can be hard to start up again. Really hard.

  6. I have a feeling I know what today's thingamajig is.. But I have no idea what it is. I can't even guess.

    As for where your blog-game is now, you totally have the potential! D= It's just HOW you work with it. Some good SEO and a few tips and you're on your way. I'd be searching for game websites that you could affiliate yourself with.

  7. ok, you have me stumped on the picture today...playing cards or something?

    as for the blog, please don't stop - i'd hate to see another blog i love go away. there has been too much of that lately. take a break if you need to - sometimes we lose our blogging "mojo" and it gets stale. taking a break for a bit might revitalize you. and as far and number of followers and blog hits...i am in the same boat. i like to think quality not quantity. you really do have something neat here. =D hang in there!

  8. hang in there, even if you haven't gone viral you still make 326 peoples day a little brighter!!! and that's saying something!

    Also I think it's a deck of cards :P

  9. Gosh.. I am not sure what this picture is! I spent sometime staring at it...haha no clue!

    About the blog - continue blogging if you do enjoy. Readers will come along who share your passion. Well I only blog for a year so maybe I should be quiet. =P Good luck!! :-)

  10. Guess I can call myself a long-time blogger by now.
    If you enjoy doing this then keep it up. As soon as it starts becoming a drag to keep posting new thingemajigs, then take a break. It isn't any fun for us if you aren't enjoying yourself in the first place!

  11. Some stretchy thing? It doesn't look familiar at all.

  12. I know that feeling! I've been blogging for more than 6 years and I sometimes feel tired of my blog... We all need some time out in order to fully enjoy what we have created.



  13. keep on bloggin. 326 followers cant be wrong.

  14. Also, check my latest blog post. I tagged you!

  15. So sorry to hear this. I really enjoy your blog just haven't been visiting or posting on my own the way I would like. Life can really take its toll when you're trying to live. Good luck and hope you stick round and get more encouragement.