Friday, February 24, 2012

Photo of the day, #358

Hint: not something you want to leave unattended

It's Friday! Fry-day!?! An excuse to eat something deep fried? You know you want to. I kinda have a craving for some sweet potato fries! It might even make me forget about how cold it is here. It looks like winter is here a little while longer. There is a snowfall warning. We are supposed to get a ton of snow in the next few days. After all the warm, nice, spring-like weather we have been having, I was hoping spring would come early. But hey, where I live, the weather is always unpredictable...but it's a good conversation starter! A pick-up line, perhaps? ;)

Anyways, here's the haiku hint for the thingamajig:

must keep a close watch
don't want it to lose control
safety first, ok?

What is it?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Is it a bbq? Grill thingy? ANd hurray for unpredictable weather :D

  2. Happy Friday Shutterbug! ^_^ Hope you have a great weekend yourself.

    Is the thingamajig some kind of barbecue grill? :D

  3. I was gonna say a barbeque but I leave those unattended all the time... my guess is: sanity!

  4. Well, it's definitely some sort of fire, either a gas heater or a fireplace.

  5. A barbeque or an open flame griddle.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! =]

    Hope your weekend is great!


  7. it is one of those fire pits? like one that sits on a deck or a concrete slab?

  8. It's a fire:) Not sure if that is a fireplace or some sort of grill though:)

  9. ahah i don't know!