Monday, November 7, 2011

Photo #277 Revealed

It was a cupcake!

If you were to invent the ultimate cupcake, what would it be?

My ultimate cupcake would be a moist, double chocolate- caramel swirl cake topped with a creamy fudgy chocolate frosting and topped with some crispy, salty bacon bits. And I would have this alongside a thick and frothy vanilla milkshake!


  1. Ah damn, I really should have got this since I did a post on Hello Kitty cupcakes. >.<

  2. You threw me off with your clues when you said they can even be topped with bacon...I love bacon, but all I could think about were the bacon sundaes that Denny's had in the U.S. this summer. Ewww.

  3. Good one keeping us guessing.

  4. Looked like the swirly ice cream dispenser, frosting didn't cross my mind.

    When she says it can be involved with bacon, it means food. Veteran thingamajigger advice.

    And my ultimate cupcake would be Belgian chocolate with strawberry bits inside and a nice thin layer of well made passion fruit frosting.

  5. @D4...I totally guessed food. Just not a cupcake. Sundae. Next time.

  6. Ugh!! I thought it was ice cream XD !!