Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photo of the day, #304

Hint: it's good with bacon
Hi there! I'm feeling better today. Whatever I was feeling, is gone now. Thanks for the concern. And is it the end of the month already? Where did all of the time go? November was a good month, but I'm looking forward to December!  I will  be doing  lots of holiday baking! 

Here's the hint for today's thingamajig:

it can be stinky
can cost an arm and a leg
but it's so worth it!

What is this?


  1. I'm pretty sure I'm wrong, but it looks like a sliced, yellow bell pepper to me.

  2. Cheese!

    I really hope I'm a top scorer this month... I'm pretty terrible though so we'll have to see haha.

  3. Of course, December is the best month ever!! November too. ;) Hehehe.

    Glad you're better Shutterbug, probably a passing flu? :D

    Lol, whenever you use bacon as a hint I get confused. XD You can eat bacon with anything!

  4. I don't know. I don't even eat bacon. :/

  5. Here we go again with the bacon thing :|

  6. cheese?! ;)

    it is absolutely crazy how time flies! i am also looking forward to december. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  7. I sure would like to know the answer to your thingamajig...
    The only thing I know that's good with bacon is egg...
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    You have a cool post.


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  8. Cheese. I just hope you aren't looking for the specific type!

  9. I'm looking froward to december too ;)!

  10. Cheese!! :D I believe its Colby jack to be precise!

  11. I want to say french fries because those specs look like salt grains, BUT... stinky?? I'm going with cheese!

  12. My guess is shredded cheese.

    Glad you are feeling better!

  13. what is that?! I don't eat bacon lol Is it papaya? ahaha Is that even good with bacon? lol

    Thanks for the tip! I'll check Ikea !!

  14. I'm guessing... cheese?

  15. looks like cheese??? and to say it's good with bacon, well that could mean anything!