Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photo of the day, #300

Hint: it can be recycled
Hello there! Hope your Sunday is nice and sunny. It's nice and warm here! It feels like spring! The snow is melting! The roads are all brown and slushy. I am enjoying the warm weather, but I don't want all the snow to melt. I want a white Christmas! 

Today's hint:

makes the time go by
sitting in the waiting room
or standing in line

What is it?


  1. ahh nah its raining here, and im gonna go with either a book or a burrito

  2. Thats a book.

    Things are warm and sunny here as well :]

  3. It could be a book, but hints make me think magazine.

  4. Wow really? o_o In Canada, this month, its warm!?
    Why do I find this hard to believe? :P

    Is the thingamajig some type of book?! :D
    A picture book perhaps? ^_^

  5. A magazine?

    And I made a blogging tips post just now. Maybe it'll help increase your earnings?