Monday, November 28, 2011

Photo of the day, #301

what is this thingamajig?
Hope you all had a good weekend. You know what's weird? It rained yesterday. We are supposed to be complaining about how cold and miserable it is. It's been quite warm these past few and it looks like we will be a warm week. Almost warm enough for guys to go around shirtless. Yay, for global warming! Just kidding. These warm temperatures aren't good for the polar bears. I feel bad for them. The ice caps are melting and they are losing their homes.  So I'm glad to hear that the WWF and Coca-Cola are trying to do something about it. And if you want to help, go to make a donation. Coca-Cola will match each donation made. Thank you for caring, Coca-Cola!

Today's thingamajig is an easy one.

you don't need a hint
for today's thingamajig
it's a no-brainer!

What is it?


  1. D=...............

    Plant.. stems??

  2. Aww, the poor polar bears! Miss Shutterbug thoughtful as always! :)

    ..;_; Why does no-brainers seem so hard for me..

    Umm, bamboo sticks?!
    *Tilts head..* Hey, wait a minute.. WAIT!! Is that a paper clip?? :O
    I think that's a green paper clip thingamajig.

  3. LOL, if it's a no-brainer, I think I need a new brain :)

  4. Coca-Cola is my favorite...glad they are doing something to help! :) I have no idea what that pic is. :(

  5. I was about to feel really dumb for not knowing it, but it finally clicked that it's a green paperclip!

  6. It's a paper clip. (:

  7. some sort of christmas decoration?

  8. I'm totally clueless! I think I might not be very good at this seems fun though :)

    And I love the polar to global warming :(

  9. Oh man, I feel stupid for not being able to guess now! :D

  10. that thar is a green paperclip!

  11. Wait!! It's not too late, I think it's a paper clip!! haha

  12. How is that a no-brainer I have no freaking idea. D:
    Copperwire or anything?

  13. No idea what a thingamajig is :o
    I don't like globalwarming v__v it's scary!