Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photo of the day, #293

Hint: a very common household item
So yesterday I spoke too soon about not liking cats. I woke up this morning to sounds of shrieking and screaming. It turns out I have a mouse in my house! Where are the cats when I need one? I know it's freaking freezing out there (it's -25 degrees Celsius), but why do mice always choose our place to hang out? Couldn't they have gone over to my neighbours' homes? Their homes are so much larger and much nicer! Our house is the smallest and probably the cheapest on the block. This is like the third year in a row that we had a mouse problem. It's so frustrating because they poop everywhere and make a mess of everything. But I really shouldn't complain. I am grateful that I have a place I can call home. At least I'm not living on the streets and freezing out there!

Have you ever had a pest problem?

Anyway, today's thingamajig isn't mouse droppings... 

sits on the table
besides its partner in crime
'til they are needed

What is it?


  1. Yeah, a cat would take care of it. I mean, they'd just leave the dead things around there, but still.

    Yes I have.. rats! RAT TRAPS SUCK =D

    I have no idea what today's thingamajig is. I really think I won't know what it is tomorrow either, but we'll see. I'll go with some kind of nut, though.. or seed.. but nut seems smarter. Ish.

  2. eeew. Mice gross me out. :P We had one hanging around outside once, but never inside the house.

  3. Pepper!!

    I have a habit of peppering everything up that I eat lol. Also, it's the name of my best friend's cat! ^_^ <3

  4. o_o Well Shutterbug you have me stomped on this. I can't wait to see what it is.

    And aww, poor Shutterbug. >.<; Maybe you do need a cat.

  5. they look like dried peas to me...

  6. First I thought they were passionfruits but I got it now - peppercorns! :)

    xo Lisa

  7. Dried seeds? Dried fruits? Nuts?