Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Photo of the day, #272

Hint: it comes in various sizes
Did anyone else find that October just flew by? Where did the month go? It's the first day of November (and 5 more days until my birthday)! And for some men, they will be celebrating "Movember." If you haven't heard of this event, it's where men grow a mustache during the month of November to raise funds to support men's health issues, such as prostate cancer. Will you be growing a mustache? Be sure to vote in the new poll of the month.

Anyways, the second thingamajig is a very common item that most people own. Some people might even have a collection of these. They come in many colours and styles. There is a tendency for taller people to buy bigger sizes. What is this?

P.s I will not be changing by blog name. 100% of my voters decided that my blog name is pretty awesome!


  1. Hmm it's something you wear...I think. It looks like a shoe with something on it lol.

  2. It's a shoe! I am determined to be in the top 10 this month.

  3. My guess is that it's a shoe!

    Also thanks for raising awareness about movember :)

    (shameless self promotion time!)

    Also for anyone interested in moustaches and moustache awareness (sometimes pertaining to movember) come check out my blog @

    http://epicmoustacheblog.blogspot.com/ :)

  4. You know what they say....

    Big SHOES... big... feet.

    I'm happy to say I don't have a collection. My only splurge shoes are my Converse All-Star high tops. Love em.

  5. Seems to be a sneaker or a shoe of some kind.

    Also my dad is growing a mustache for Movember lol

    And YAY to you not changing the name of this blog!! <3

  6. It's.. a.. shoe? Why do I feel silly guessing this one, it looks like a shoe to me. Like a knit shoe.. Oh..

    I think I WILL take part in movember. Good cause. I just have this whole phobia of mustaches though. I dunno, I think I will anyway.

    And yes, you have an awesome blog name.

  7. I thought it was no-shave-November?

    Also, it's a shoe of sorts?

  8. "No, I'm lucky to be a girl and not have to shave my face!"