Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo of the day, #285

Hint: Canada is a top producer
Hope you are having a good weekend so far. I don't know about you, but I tend to do my chores on Sundays. Today I vacuumed, did some laundry and shoveled some snow. It's not fun, but someone has to do it. 

Anyway, here's the haiku hint for today's thingamajig:

a vegan's delight
delicious in soups and stews
try it with curry

What is this?


  1. Some sort of dried and split lentil? I would say split peas if they were green, but they're not... perhaps it is a yellow variety of pea? Or more likely just a lentil. I know the Indian term for lentils is dal...

    Hmm, after a google images search the most specific I can do is "red" "pink" or "yellow" lentils. XD

  2. I know its not... but those look like fuzzy peaches.

  3. I don't know about the Canada thing but I won't cheat and google it (O_<)-b I guess lentils.

  4. .. Orange peel? Uh.. I dunno..

  5. They look like odd orange bloodcells when zoomed in really close. But I guess you don't go THAT small, haha.

  6. Some kind of nut? I'm not doing very well recently.

  7. is it a dried fruit of some sort?