Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photo of the day, #129

Hint: they are small and humble
Hey there! Hope you are having a good day. I know I'm not. The sun is not coming out today. It's dark and gloomy. The Canucks lost the game last night.  I didn't even feel like posting today. But orange you glad I did? ;) Anyways, today's thingamajig comes in other colours besides red and blue. You can buy them in a box or in a bag. They are small, but very usually. They are also kinda fun to play with, but it's not a toy. What is it?

I need some cheering up! Got any good clean jokes you care to share?


  1. Colored rubber bands? ugh, no idea

  2. Hmmm looks like a rubber band and a wool blanket.

  3. Rubber bands... ?

    As for jokes, here is a bunch

  4. There's one more game left! It's anybody's game.
    I think it's rubber bands.

  5. Small? Fun to play with, but not a toy? Comes in many colors?

    I'm gonna say boobs... I know I'm wrong, but I don't care. BOOOOBS!

  6. Darn these recent few have been brutally hard to guess.

  7. Rubber bands?

    As for clean jokes...

    My eyes hurt, because I was looking directly at someone chewing eclipse gum.

  8. Ok, ok, enough kidding. My official guess is Rubber Bands.

    But boobs was kind of funny, don't you think?

  9. I don't have a clue about the photograph, but I do have a joke for you!

    a brunette, a redhead, and a blonde break out of prison
    When the police go searching for the three ladies, they come across the bushes where they are hiding
    So the first cop comes, hears something in the bushes, and suddenly
    so the cop thinks well it was just a cat, no prisoner here
    the brunette was very relieved
    The second bush he comes across he hears
    ''Tjirp Tjirp''
    and he walks on, past the redhead...

    at the third bush he hears
    ''RAWRRRR''(tiger roar)

  10. I know what it is I just don't know what its called.

    A man walks into a bar and says "Ow!"

  11. no idea what that is

    here's the joke

    How did the alien tie his shoes?
    With an astroknot

  12. is it a rubber band?

    and i'm sorry for your team. cheer up though, we're all here for you, and we won't stop visiting your blog! :D

  13. Staring at this thing for a while. Nothing at all comes to mind o_o!

    Also, I'm so orange that you did, I'm an oompa loompa! Feel better, you'll get your sun and the Canucks will be around next time, right? I feel your pain though. Still!

  14. I think they are rubber bands, right? Oh and here's a clean joke for you. Sorry that you are feeling down, but maybe this can make you smile for a second?

    There were three men on a hill with their watches.

    The first man threw his watch down the hill and it broke.

    The second man threw his watch down the hill and it broke.

    The third man threw his watch down the hill, walked all the way to the bottom, and caught it.

    The other two men were puzzled and asked the third man how he did it.

    The third man said, "Easy. My watch is 5 minutes slow!"

  15. wish you a great day also and i have no idea about the pic.

  16. Going with rubber bands on this one :D