Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's Ryan Kesler Shirtless!

This is sexy Ryan Kesler
Hey bloggers! I've decided to spice up my blog a little bit. I've been asking some of you bloggers for some eye candy for us ladies, but none of you have delivered. So I decided to take the matter into my own hands. I don't have a lot of female followers, but hopefully this may change that! Every Sunday or whenever I feel like it, I will post photos of sexy shirtless men for my "Shirtless Sundays" posts. And of course, they will be tasteful. I have good taste! ;)

And in honour of the Stanely Cup Finals, Ryan is our first featured eye candy! Ryan Kesler, the sexy Vancouver Canucks player, is the reason I've been watching the Stanley Cup finals! Just kidding. Seriously, I didn't even know he looked this good with his shirt off, until I saw this picture recently. The games really have been pretty exciting to watch! If you have been following the Canucks' and their road to the Stanley Cup, you know how intense the games have been. I have a pretty good feeling that we will win this year's cup! Go Canucks, Go! 

And now, let's get to know our Sexy Shirtless guy, Ryan Kesler:

  • He's born in Michigan and is currently 26 years old
  • He's married and has 2 kids (Sorry, ladies, He's taken.)
  • He's been with the Vancouver Canucks for 7 years (his whole NHL career)
  • In 2010, he released his own line of sportswear and casual clothing, in partnership with Vancouver-based Firstar Sports (as he is seen modelling in that photo)  
  • and that he looks good shirtless! ;)
Enjoy ladies (and some of you, gentlemen...)!

p.s I am not taking credit for the above photo. I am not lucky enough to have photographed Ryan Kesler. Maybe someday...


  1. I am not a lady. I am not amused by this.

  2. seems like a total failure at life

  3. those shorts are a little too short

    i don't watch hockey, but... go canucks since you want them to win! :D

  4. I am not a girl or a fruit so this isn't win =(

  5. SO AMUSED right now! I've noticed you asking for eye candy but I didn't think THIS would happen. So very amused, and keep it up! XD Though, if you get >really< into it, maybe dedicate another blog to it? But leave that up for time to tell. I'm sure there's a nice big community of girl bloggers more than willing for something like this to come up, though.

  6. Ooohh that body.... 0_0

    I've never even heard of this guy before. I want him.

  7. Hmmm.... I would offer you a picture of me in such a pose, but I didn't think that you would lower yourself to such trivialities.


  8. Ooo he has that little pooch above his hips, I like~

  9. Go Canucks Go! You know there is some serious airbrushing going on in that pic.

  10. that is awesome. i love this! and of all u picked kesler first. fuck yeah woman! keep up the good work and as for the thing of jig im going with ryan kesler nhl nuckies player. thats like 3 points. thanks :D

  11. awesome! So freakin' hot my eyes are scorched