Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photo #370 Revealed

It was a recorder.
I was first introduced to this instrument decades ago when I was just a wee little girl. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think everyone in the Canadian school system is taught to play the recorder. 

 And if you are somehow from some foreign country and don't know what a recorder sounds like, check out this video of someone playing the "Forrest Gump" theme...

P.s I highly recommend you go see "Forrest Gump" if for some reason you haven't seen it! It's so good, it's been awarded 6 Oscars! 


  1. I remember playing the recorder!!


  2. Forced to play it? That's amazing. Not to say it's the best sounding wind instrument but it's nice and crisp. Awesome!

  3. I KNEW it! When I was in high school we had a "Wassail Fest" and I was assigned the task of "recorder player", which was fine by me, because I didn't have to serve food!

  4. That's a very nice, uhm, recorder. Yeah!

  5. I love Forrest Gump, I cry everytime at the end! Actually, I think Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actors. :D Loved Cast Away too!

    Hahah, I was thought how to play the recorder in primary and second school and yet the only two song I remember are Three blind mice and Twinkle Little Star. XD