Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photo of the day, #373

Well howdy, partner! Hope you are having a lovely day so far! Is it the end of the month already? Is it me or does time seem to fly by? I still have to update last month's top scores. I apologize for being such procrastinator. I'm always doing things last minute... It's not a good habit. This is something that I definitely need to work on. I should start scheduling my day to get more work done.

Anyway, here's the haiku hint of the day:

now that it is Spring,
storage is where it belongs
may it rest in peace

What is it?


  1. this that thing that you put on the water faucets outside so that they don't freeze up in the winter?.. I don't know haha. your blog is fun!

  2. My first thought was a rake, but after the clue I have to guess... snow-shovel?

  3. I'm sure this doesn't apply to me, so I'm gonna guess shovel even though it seems to have rubber. I dunno D=

  4. I know right Shutterbug? X_x This year is flying by so fast. How is the year of the dragon, treating you?

    Is it some kind of snow shovel?

  5. ooooh I know this one! it's a snow shovel!!!!
    PS. I changed my screen name from CaptianDelphi to my real one :)

  6. Your haiku is beautiful! Is the object a snow shovel?
    Good luck!

  7. Looks like extreme close of the snow shovel handle..Is it? :-) If yes, may it stays safely in the storage for long time! I am looking forward for warmer weather! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  8. hmm... thinking of this. I can't figure it out.

  9. Man! I was gonna say 'Dart' until I read your haiku...ACK! I'm stumped

    And by the way...I did NOT know there were mint M&Ms! I'm now on a mission to find them :)