Thursday, March 15, 2012

Photo of the day, #368

Hint: there was a Hollywood movie about this
Hi there! Thanks for visiting me today. How are you doing? I'm feeling pretty sore today. I was at a boot camp class yesterday and the instructor made us do all sorts of exercises 'til we were all sweaty and tired! The workout was not as intense as I thought it would be, but it was a good cardio workout! Have you ever been to a boot camp class?

Anyway, here is the haiku hint of the day:

it works best up close
if you're too far, it's useless
have I said too much?

What is it?

P.s Bonus points if you know the movie I had in mind...


  1. Remote control! The movie was Adam Sandler's Click, right? :D

    Annnnnnd I haven't been to boot camp CLASS, but I've been on a bootcamp. Every morning for a month of effing way too intense workouts. Sore the rest of the day. Awesome.

  2. That is a remote control and you are referencing Click with Adam Sandler! I like that movie.

  3. O.O Shutterbug why are you in boot camp?!
    I never been but sounds terrible. o_o Good luck !!

    It is a remote control and the movie you have in mind is definitely Click staring :) one of my favourite comedians Adam Sandler! He's second to Jim Carrey. *_*

  4. Remote control? Universal remote control?

    The movie is "Click!" =P

  5. TOTALLY know what this is...a remote for the tv...I watch WAAAAAAAY too much!

  6. No clue! I'm absolutely stumped on this one! And happy Friday! I'm going to my boot camp class tomorrow and can't wait!

  7. It's a remote.
    The movie is Click, right?

  8. Remote control.
    The movie is Click?

  9. Boot camp class sounds great! I love sports, but I've never done that kind of thing before...

    Xo, Imke

  10. Car starter? movie being... drive? lol

  11. Remote control?

    Am I right?! :)

  12. Looks like a remote control.

    Is the movie "Click" by any chance?