Saturday, September 10, 2011

For bonus points, guess who this mystery shirtless man is!

This is for all the ladies (and men) that enjoy a little eye candy! For bonus points, guess who this is! The mystery man will be revealed in tomorrow's edition of "Shirtless Sundays."


  • He's an American actor, but he's not a great actor, in my opinion
  • He's used to be a model and was in some TV commercials
  • He was also an exotic dancer at some nightclub
Who is he?


  1. Channing Tatum!??

    Only person I can think of, off the bat. *__*

  2. Tatum Channing. I admit I googled your hints.

  3. If I guess and get it right, I'm going to have a serious chat with myself about my sexual orientation. I'd rather skip it today. :D

  4. I'm sorry but I never did any research about naked hollywood men :D

    So I dont know the answer

  5. consulting the googles...

    ...comparing pictures...

    ...judging acting ability...

    ...almost certain it's channing tatum. ;)