Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Photo of the day, #234

Hint: It will start to stink after awhile
Hello! Today's another nice sunshine-y day! It's a great day for people watching. It's one of my favourite past times! I should start taking more photos of people, especially of hot guys! Maybe I should start another blog. Today's thingamajig is a very common in households. Most people use this at least once a day. What is it?


  1. A handkerchief?
    Towel-like object?

  2. It's the top of some sort of bag... flour? sugar? rice?

  3. One of those waxy cardboard containers of milk or cream? Based on the hints I'd say milk.

  4. Go for it shutterbug! I'd definitely visit that blog as often as I visit this one. *__*!!

    That thingamajig looks like a milk carton box to me but I see bites of threading in it :/ so I really don't know..

    Either a carton box or some kind of cloth bag for now. ^_^

    Keep up the great work shutterbug!

  5. you've already done toothpaste I think. i dont know, I will say toothpaste.

  6. I'm not too sure what this is! I looks like bag of some sort... or milk?