Sunday, September 11, 2011

Photo of the day, #214

Hint: You should use this at least once a week
Well hello there! Hope your Sunday is a fun day! Actually Sundays are usually my catch-up-on-household-chores day. Today I have to: do laundry, clean the house, and mow the lawn, to name a few of my chores. And I don't even get an allowance! It's not a fun day for me! Today's thingamajig is a very common household item. Most people own one and should use it frequently. It is commonly made of plastic and comes in many colours. What is it?


  1. Is it a dustpan and brush kinda thing?

  2. Well.. that kinda reminds me of a tupperware lid. Yeah? Eh

  3. It looks like the edge of a dustpan for sweeping.

  4. Sundays aren't fun for me either Shutterbug. :/ I helped my clean her entire house. *Sigh*

    Ah! I have no clue but my random guess would be some kind of dust pan. :)

  5. Squeegee? Ice scraper?
    Can I have two guesses?

  6. a dustpan?

    and btw, you're an asset to your family for doing those chores even without an allowance. :D