Sunday, September 25, 2011

Special Post: Look what I got in the mail!

Clockwise from top left: Tazo tea bags, reusable spoon + fork, a very cool reusable plastic water bottle that folds flat, card and Godiva chocolates, Extra gum, Cupcake cookbook and some cute sticky notes

Earlier this month, I participated in the "Favourite Things Swap," hosted by Leanne @ Join the Gossip. The idea behind the swap was to meet new bloggers and as a bonus, receive some nice surprises in the mail!  We were to spend $20 before shipping on our partner, which was chosen by Leanne at random, and send her some of our favourite things! 

My swap partner was Leesh from The Blarkness Chronicles. She is a fellow Canadian who blogs about food, fashion, beauty products and whatever else that intrigues her. 

Leesh, if you are reading this: I love my package! Thank you all the gifts. I didn't expect to receive so many thingamajigs! I love all the green items! ;) You were thoughtful and considerate. I couldn't have asked for a better partner! Much love!

This my first time participating in a swap and I had a ton of fun! I love getting snail mail! Thank you Leanne, for hosting and organizing this swap! 



  1. This is cool! Congrats on the nice swap :D

  2. that is a pack of awesomeness right there. :D

  3. Omg!!! *_* So many cool and very useful thingies!!!

    You got an awesome package there shutterbug! :) What would be your favourite item of the bunch?

    I am loving that cupcake cookbook, think you'd be trying any recipes soon? :D

  4. Cupcakes! YUM!! How fun! Thanks for visiting me =)

  5. I love Leesh, she's such a sweetheart! She did a great job with your that cupcake cookbook :)

  6. Yay!! Looks like you two were perfect partners for each other :) So glad you signed up and had fun!

  7. the blackness chronicles link doesnt work. it goes to the Join the gossip blog. :)

  8. @Wintermute: Thanks for the comment. I have now updated the link. :)

  9. Shutterbug - I want to thank you for the lovely package you sent to me. This was a fun swap to be a part of. I am glad you liked everything in your package. I hope I didn't over do it with the green but it is your favorite colour after all. Enjoy everything!

    I love how you made everything look so pretty with the photos you took.