Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Photo of the day, #232

Hint: It's small enough to fit your pocket
Happy Two-sday! Hope today you will have double the fun and silliness! Life is too short to be serious. The first thingamajig is small and humble! You can find these at home, work or school. They come in different colours and usually made of metal. What is it?


  1. No real idea, sorry. Scissors aren't small and humble :C

  2. Uhm...

    It's a submarine! I got this one for SURE :D

  3. A paddle. Yeah I read the clue. A paddle!

  4. I'm going to guess a clip of some kind.

  5. Now this looks like a paperclip/ paper clamp. T____T

    It also looks like some kind of latch too.

    @_@ What could this thingamajig be?!?!??

  6. I have NO idea, really. A money clip? One of those coloured clip things that can hold lots of paper together? OH WAIT THAT IS ACTUALLY IT I THINK.

    One of these! http://static4.depositphotos.com/1000143/292/i/450/dep_2922566-Black-metal-paper-clip.jpg
    Only yellow.

    Do they have any other name besides paper clips? o.O That's just confusing.