Friday, September 23, 2011

You can get dates at the grocery store!

Pearls before Swine comic.
I've heard that grocery stores are a great place to pick up singles. Anyone tried it? Any success stories?


  1. Erm. Nope, but I guess it could work. Go for it and leave details later on! >.>

  2. Looking at the title, I thought maybe I could say congrat :)

  3. Lol @ Comic.

    <<; and I personally think attempting to pick up a date at a grocery store is just plain creepy.
    Just the other day I went to the store alone (will never happen again) to purchase stuff for my mother and this =_= guy randomly walked up to me and started telling me random facts about himself and grocery items. He even attempted to make a joke about the cans of peas in my basket. Like seriously dude? I couldn't wait to cash my items and get out of there already.

  4. Whoa, didn't expect to see Pearls Before Swine here.